Quest International Logistics is a technology enabled transportation logistics service provider that is uniquely positioned to handle all aspects of your international transportation needs.

At Quest, we pride ourselves on being a solutions-based organization. We not only know how to deal with each of your specific business needs, we also understand your concern regarding the protection of your cargo. This is why, as part of our services, you will have access to a leading edge security platform to ensure that both your shipment and its information are completely protected.

This combination of services makes Quest the perfect choice for importers and exporters looking for greater and safer shipping options.

Efficient network

Our extensive network of global shipping partnerships ensures that Quest has the capability to move your cargo anywhere in the world.

Superior Customer service

Our specialists will identify the differences in price and capacity of each shipping option so that you can choose the ones who will meet your specific international transportation needs.

Professionalism & Expertise

A team comprised of professionals with extensive logistics experience, who are ready to understand your unique shipping requirements, in the increasingly competitive international marketplace.


FMC License 026446

Quest’s TSA-IAC SE1612007